North South University Social Services Club always intends to contribute to our own society in every possible way. Out of its yearlong activities, blood donation drive is one of the most significant ventures and the largest blood donation campaign of our nation. Approximately 65% patients across the world lose their lives in a day for not getting their desired blood in time. Blood donation is a humanitarian act. People’s little contribution can prove to be a great help to others. A person’s blood donation can save up to 3 lives. It is also said that ‘Real generosity is doing something for someone who will never find out.’ And that is why being a voluntary organization, NSUSSC came up with  one of the most renowned humanitarian campaigns of Bangladesh, Blood Donation Drive 2018.

Like every year, “Blood Donation Drive” has been held from 24th July- 26th July, 2018 in association with Quantum Foundation at North South University premises. The donation process was executed under the responsible oversight of doctors and experts from Quantum Foundation. The interested blood donors first went through a physical checkup where their BMI and blood types were recorded. Five free tests were also conducted for the donors – HIV, Hepatitis A & B, Syphilis and Malaria. The donors were provided with a free membership card from Quantum Foundation where they would be able to collect the blood of any group type at any time, if available. The doctors and experts assured that all the blood bags are properly screened before it would be used for transfusion for others.

On the opening day of the event, VC Professor Atiqul Islam had a visit where he was overwhelmed seeing the huge response of students there. The respected faculties and officials contributed their priceless time whole heartedly throughout the event. From the first two days, 568 blood bangs were collected and lasted generating an astounding 893 bags of blood. To make the last day of the event more heartening, the bangle fusion band “Chirkut” showed up to encourage the amazing bunch of students. The lead vocal Sharmin Sultana Sumi expressed her proud feelings seeing a kind and responsible generation to grow with compassion.  About these 3-days long campaign, President of NSUSSC Tasnina Momo said, ”We are very proud to be a part of this humankind activity. The dedicated membes of our club tried to give their utter best to make this event a successful one. Hopefully, our campaign will inspire the students to come forward and serve for humanity again and again.”

NSUSSC would heartily like to thank every kind soul for their altruistic participation.