For a riverine country like ours, frequent visit of excessive rainfall and occurrence of natural calamities due to the geographical condition is so intrinsic. Every year, rise of water levels in the various rivers in the northern part of the country as a consequence of heavy rain as well as water flow from the upstream hills led to the inundation of the river basin areas in the northern parts of Bangladesh. The North Bengal people of our country become the worst sufferers of flood.

After the devastating flood of July 2017, this year monsoon flood started in the middle of August affecting the endangered areas of Bangladesh. North South University Social Services Club always aims to stand by the underprivileged section of society. Following this, NSUSSC came up with their philanthropic initiative Flood Relief Distribution 2018. With the donation of the students, faculty members and North South University authority, the enthusiastic and committed social warriors were all set to help the affected people. On 5th October, 2018 with the co-operation of Ghuincha Aona SESDP Model High School, a team of SSCers distributed around 400 packages of pure water, dry foods, medicine and other essentials to the distressed families of Jamalpur district.

Although it is not possible to eradicate the sufferings of the ill-fated people all at once but at least we can step forward to alleviate their agonies to some extent. NSUSSC is grateful to all the kind hearted souls for their eleemosynary in this initiative.