North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) recruits dynamic and flexible students of North South University by an interview. The recruitment occurs twice a year; in Spring and Summer.

The prime efforts of the club is to maximize youth involvement in social development. Through this the executive body selects the students who become a part of this glorious club of North South University.


1. Why do you want to join NSUSSC?

2. Are you currently involved with any other club or have been in the past so far? If yes, please specify?

3. Have you ever participated in any kind of social activity before? If yes, please specify.

4.Do you have any skills/experience in any of the following fields? Please specify.

Photography/PaintingWritingGraphic Design/Video EditingPublic Speaking/RecitationSales/PromotionsOrganizingWebsite Maintenance

5. Are you a leader or a follower? Explain.

6. "Women belong in the kitchen” what do you think about it? Explain.

7. If you could change one trend in our modern age marriage traditions, which would it be?

8. Should Bangladesh Government allow the Rohingya people to settle in Bangladesh? Why?

Express yourself...

If you want to upload your painting or creative work, please upload here. (Max.10MB)

Recruitment Form