To show their gratitude and love to elderly people, the members of the club visited an old home located at Monipur, Hotapara in Gazipur on the 12th of April.

Medicines, walkers, wheel chairs and necessary goods were given as a token of respect among 220 of the old home residents.

A team of about 100 members of NSUSSC was present there.

It is our moral responsibility to give our elders the respect and love they deserve, said Tasnina Momo, president of the club.

“Those faces with sorrows and loneliness remind us how we should bear our responsibilities without considering our parents a liability. The aim of this initiative is to motivate the young generation to take proper care of their roots, their parents,” she added.

She said the inner peace and satisfaction that the young members of the club gained from this initiative will give them the boost to arrange more such visits.