North South University Social Services Club undertakes numerous humanitarian events. Among them , few noteworthy events organized by NSUSSC that take pace every year are:

Annual Picnic:

If the picnic was discovered, the student life could become monotonous.

With the help of North South University’s Social Services Club (NSUSSC), the NSU earns picnics every year to reduce pressure from the pressure and educationists. ‘NSU Annual Picnic 2017’ was a huge success. North South University has been entrusted with the overall supervision of this picnic, North South University, North South University Social Services

Like every year, NSU Annual picnic 2017 was organized in association with the club this year on 3 February. Picnic was held in the Seagull resort of Gazipur with students and the faculties of North South University.  This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to spare some time from their hectic schedules and get together to share a fun and frolic time with the students and faculties from all the departments of North South University. There was plenty of excitement, wonderful entertainment and massive fun throughout the day. The picnic was one of its kind with live concerts, attractive games, raffle draws.

The picnic ended with a various sports and band perfomance. Various bands performed including one of the most popular band Warfaze.  This concert creates a different environment in the form of music and tunes. After the concert, raffle draw was organized soon after. Raffle-Draw first prize was given to 24 “LED TVs.

The picnic was sponsored by wellfood, olympics, shajib, and many other companies. The picnic was attended by 2,000 people. And North South University Social Services Club single handedly organized everything and ensured the safety and security of the students.

Winter Clothing Drive:

North South University Social Services club is always there at the service of humanity to ensure warmth for the underprivileged people from this bitter cold. It is a small initiative to help the inseparable part of the society.

Winter Clothing Drive is one of our important annual event organized by the club whose aim is to stand beside the distressed people. Last year they distributed the warmth of happiness in different places Joypurhat.

The first job was to look for donation from various sources. That was not easy, but the motivation to do something for them was more than enough. By the dedication of all the members, NSUSSC collected donation from the respected faculties, students of the university and others and with that contribution we distributed 1500 blankets to the underprivileged people.

The team of of 25 members of the club started for Joypurhat at 22nd December, 2016 night and reached there at 23rd December. The members of NSUSSC stayed at a local guest house called “GMSS”. It was a very comfortable place to stay and we all were looking forward for the next day.

Finally it was 24th December, 2016. The members of NSUSSC started preparing for our event from the very morning. When regular people were enjoying their winter nap, the members of NSUSSC were arranging blankets for the people who needed that badly. They hired a bus which was full of devoted soul. The team was enjoying this journey gossiping, singing and doing so much that shows our enthusiasm. Few of the members got into the mini truck filled with blankets. The ride was indescribable. When the winter wind was passing through they felt that happiness, the happiness of giving.

At 10 am the team reached in Professor Para, bodol master road, Joypurhat with a view to distribute blankets among the disable or autistic of “Matribhumi Autistic Foundation” and the transgender. They welcomed the whole team wholeheartedly. Their eyes sparkled with gratefulness and appreciation. At that point we realized this was the moment that will be cherished for the rest of our life.

After that NSUSSC family stared for our next stop which was in Badsha union cabinet. At 1 pm we reached there and distributed blankets to the tribal groups. The local people greeted us with sweets and their elated faces.

Then the team had  lunch at a local hotel together with so much satisfaction and joy. After lunch they went to our next station which was in the sweeper or street cleaner’s colony, sugar mill road. NSUSSC distributed to the sweepers ,who are considered as the lower caste (horijon) in the society at 3 pm. We talked to the children who were there for blankets, played with them and they gave us sugarcane as a token of appreciation which was heartwarming.

And they ended showering happiness by distributing blankets to the people of Tilokpur Union. Everybody participated in the distribution and worked with immense joy. It was a matter of fluke for the members of NSUSSC to become a part of this noble event.

With so many memories and experiences they got back in Dhaka on 25th of December. This was one of the amazing experience one can ever have. This small try brought smile to many faces and that inspires us to try more for them. A short trip that taught them how to work together with this much fun came to an end.

North South University Social Services club successfully distributed the blankets in 4 different places of Joypurhat district .These people are the most deprived one of the society and they don’t get the opportunities, for that NSUSSC decided to share the bond and tried to help them in this winter by distributing warmth and solidarity as our tagline says ‘Let’s make this winter warm for everyone’ and a considerably finer aim to lessen the unendurable suffice of the underprivileged ones because what they experience throughout this while cannot be set under expressions.

Socio Camp:

Socio Camp was founded and organized by North South University Social Services Club which was previously known as ‘Youth Awareness Competition’, embarked on its journey back in 2010 with the participation of just a handful of teams with a motive of bringing a positive change in the society.

It is the biggest idea generating competition designed for youth to construct innovative ideas to eradicate social problems. This initiative was introduced this with the hope of a mammoth change in the society by raising awareness against the social issues. It has set a platform where participants from different universities can share their idiosyncratic plans to implement and take monumental strides to solve social problems that we face in our everyday life.

The month-long quest to generate the best ideas consist of multiple rounds and eventually leads to the much awaited Grand Finale, where the teams present their distinctive  solutions to different ongoing social difficulties in front of a star-studded judging panel.

In 2016, NSUSSC presents Socio Camp Season 7, driven by SUZUKI and co-powered by STEP footwear has taken a further step and extended its reach to the international university students as well. The registration started from 23rdOctober 2016 and ended at 27th October 2016. There were no registration fee and this year the number of participating teams of Socio Camp, 7 were 473 with teams from India, Australia and Malaysia as well and many universities from all over Bangladesh, from which only 30 teams qualified for the second round. Finally, top 5 teams got the golden opportunity to fight with their master ideas against each other on Grand Finale. The top 3 teams were   awarded by Prize Money of BDT 120,000 (USD 1,500) for the champion, BDT 70,000 (USD 900) for the 1st Runners up and BDT 40,000 (USD 500) for the 2nd Runners up.

The first workshop of Socio camp took place on 28thOctober 2016. For the first time in its history, 473 teams from home and abroad, which includes over 1800 participants, have registered in order to make their voices heard in an attempt to tackle the social problems of the nation.  The students of different universities of Bangladesh came to North South University for the workshop. The workshop was from 2 to 6pm in 2 slots. 2 members from each team is invited. The event coordinator, members and faculty adviser of NSUSSC talked about the competition and mainly about the 1st round which was an online case submission. The participants had to submit their 1st Round case by 1st November,2016. And the result was published on 5th November,2016.

In the Second round, the selected groups from 1st round gave their presentations on a different topic for a different campaign. The topic was “The effects of unemployment on fresh graduate”. They were groomed before it on 6th November, 2016 by another workshop which was held in “Six Seasons Hotel”,Gulshan. The youth icons Don Sumdany and Ayman Sadik were also present in the workshop that caught the attention of the participants as they talked about some mind alerting points about a good presentation. The teams presented in the workshop were highly motivated and gathered knowledge for their upcoming rounds.

By their impressive presentation skills and knowledge on second round which was held in North South University on 13th November,2016 top 5 teams made it to Finale.

After a month long quest to generate the best ideas, finally the Grand Finale was held in North South University which was judged by different celebrities and media personalities on 20th November,2016.On the grand finale the top 5 teams presented their ideas on a specific topic which was “Traffic Congestion in Dhaka city”.

The precious presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, Chairman, Board of trustees North South University, our chair of the event, Dr. Atiqul Islam, Vice Chancellor, North South University and our guest of honor Dr. M .Emdadul Haque, Director of Student Affairs, North South University made the event more special.

Moreover, Mr. Iresh Zaker, Mr. Arif.R.Hossain, Mr. Safat Ishtiaque, Mr. Abdun Noor Tushar and Ms. Zara Jabeen Mahbub was in our star studded judging panel. There were few special guests like Mr. Shawn Hakim, Managing director, Rancon motorbikes ltd and Mr. Shamim Kabir,Managing Director, Steps Footwear who were also present in the grand finale.

By their judgment winner of Socio Camp-7 was announced.  The champion of NSUSSC Presents Socio Camp 7, Driven by Suzuki and Co-powered by Step Footwear is Team HOLD.  The first runners up and second runners up are Team Paper Planes and Team 911 respectively. These three teams presented the best idea which will help to reform the society.

Without the tremendous hard work and dedication of the members of NSUSSC and the participants, such a grand event could not be pulled off. This was one of the biggest initiative of NSUSSC to serve the nation with some great ideas to rectify the social problems and surely hope to continue on this magnificent journey in the future.

This year “Socio Camp” is back with the aim to develop the skills and ability of the youth and at a mean time resolve broader social issues. On this note, country’s biggest idea generating competition for social awareness, Socio Camp 8’s main objective is to make the society a better place to live in. ‘Socio Camp-8’ is scheduled in the  October- November of 2017.

Blood donation Drive:

As human beings, it is our social responsibility to help save as many lives as possible. Thus, NSUSSC’s one of the most renowned event is the blood donation campaign ‘Blood Donation Drive. Every year NSUSSC collaborates with QUANTUM Foundation to aid the people in dire need of blood.

The donation process is carried out under the supervision of doctors and experts from Quantum Foundation. NSUSSC ensures that all the interested participants first go through a physical checkup where their BMI and blood type is recorded. The doctors conduct five free tests for all the donors- HIV, Hepatitis A and B, Syphilis and Malaria. The donors are also given a free membership card from Quantum Foundation where they can collect a bag of blood of any blood group at any moment. NSUSSC makes sure that all the blood bags are thoroughly screened before it is sent for any kind of transfusion.

Our aim is to encourage as many students and faculty members of North South University to donate blood and share this gift of life.

With the help of the Quantum Foundation, it was fully safe from 5 March 2017 to 7 March 2017. The enthusiastic members of the club encouraged students and teachers to donate blood. . This year, the donation program started with the inauguration of Vice Chancellor Prof Atikul Islam. The event was a huge success as a staggering 879 bags of blood were collected in just three days.

‘Blood Donation Drive’ was organized twice in 2017 by North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of North South University. On May 23, 2017, the blood donation program was organized in the collaboration with the Quantum Foundation, the program was held safely in the North South University premises.

In addition to the enthusiastic members of the club, this program has been successfully conducted with the overall efforts of all the students and faculties. 263 bags of blood has been collected in just 1 day only.

Joy for Eid:

Eid is a unique festival that brings messages of joy and well-being, eliminating the intensity of hatred, enhance the love for one another and teaches the value of love.  Eid-Ul-Adha, ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ is the second of the two Muslim festivals celebrated worldwide each year is back again with a sense of responsibility on all of us.

The poor and distressed people slowly starving and having nothing to feed even in this pious day. For countless destitute families, this is a grim reality. That is when NSU in collaboration with NSUSSC has taken up this humanitarian initiative entitled, “Joy For Eid”. Eid teaches us the pleasure of sharing. So why not we share happiness with them? With the view of sharing happiness NSUSSC holds this event annually. The main idea to organize such event is to increase brotherhood, love, affection and a realization on their faces that they are equally important and deserve this much of happiness.

The dedicated warriors of NSUSSC raised funds through the efforts of all the students and faculties of North South University. The main goal of this event is to share the joy of Eid with those who are not able to celebrate due to their own conditions. This initiative has been taken for the last 5 years and providing assistance to those families with necessary items needed to celebrate Eid. Spreading joy in any occasion is an age-old custom of Bangladeshi culture. Regardless of the religion, Eid is an occasion celebrated by all. Keeping this in mind, North South University Social Services Club arranged its annual event ‘Joy for Eid’ to spread the joy of Eid among the destitute families in the society on 30th August, 2017 at the capital’s Bashundhara Residential Area.

With the help of the members of NSUSSC distributed food/ ingredients package to around 300 families living in the slums near Bashundhara and among the 4th class employees of North South University on 2016. This year, 400 bags full of essentials were distributed to those families who hardly get a chance to enjoy the feasts of the sacrifices. The aim of spreading the joy of Eid among everyone was successfully achieved by NSUSSC through the arrangement of this humanitarian event. The package consists of the essentials, such as, shemai, sugar, spices, rice, oil, ghee, milk and the other items required for a good meal.

This small gesture was for those who get eliminated from receiving the tiny bit of happiness .Their elated faces are the symbol of this auspicious occasion.

The event got a huge response and positive reviews. This initiative inspired a lot of people as many renowned personalities and media came forward to encourage this event which also helped us to raise funds.

This event brought joy and happiness and a change in the society that is to share the bond with them. With the tremendous hard work and participation of the members of NSUSSC successfully accomplished the event “Joy for Eid” to share the happiness of Eid.

Eid Clothing and Iftar Distribution:

The Holy month of Ramadan teaches us the pain of hunger and thirst to grow sympathy and fellow feeling towards the hungry people. This month averts us from the unfair and indecent things and creates the feeling of fraternity and social bonds become more strong and firm. But to understand their pain we need to develop a bond with them by exchanging Sehri and Iftar .

Every year North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) arranges Iftar distribution program on the auspicious occasion of Ramadan. With an objective of spreading happiness to the orphans, spending time with them and showering them with utmost love and care which are quite valuable for them. This iftar distribution program is not only to serve them delicious food but also to make them feel wanted and happy with the fact that they are equally important for us.  The NSUSSC members consider them fortunate to become a part of this blessed event. This event is all about   spending a quality time with them and realize the sanctity of Ramadan. We share iftar with them and pray for their enlightening future. This event is also covered by media to inspire people so that they could come forward and spend some time with theses gifted children.

On the occasion of Ramadan, North South University Social Services Club successfully shared the joy of togetherness and happiness of this glorified Holy month by having Iftar with the unfortunate children of the society and also by distributing clothes among the street children. The iftar distribution took place on 21st of June, 2017 at Uttar Badda Islamia Kamil Madrasa where the members shared iftar with the 250 children of the madrasa and spend some time with them. To bring smiles on those young faces for whom Eid is just like another day NSUSSC distributed clothes to the 250 street children at Manik Miah Avenue. The aim of this event is to ensure their happiness, leaving behind all their sorrow and miseries.

Flood Relief Distribution:

Every year due to the adverse incident people living in flood affected areas had to bear hardship and struggle for a living. Flood takes away everything from them and left them with nothing. This year also it has greatly affected the lives of the people living in the Northern regions of Bangladesh and they are suffering much for the lack of pure drinking water, sanitation, food and shelters.

North South University Social Services Club organizes its event Flood Relief to stand beside the people who are fighting with diasaster as cruel as Flood.Keeping the thought of flood affected people of this year in mind, a team of highly enthusiastic members of NSUSSC this time went to distribute 400 bags of essential groceries, basic utilities and vital medicines. These essentials were puchased from the kind and generous contribution from the students, faculty members, officers and alumni. The event took place on 21st September, Friday in Dinajpur.

The rains last year also heavily affected the inhabitants of the low-lying lands of Bangladesh. In order to stand beside the victims of this calamity, NSUSSC went forward to distribute relief for flood victims and distributed the necessary items to 500 families in the different areas of Sirajganj Sodor thana, Kaliya Haripur Union and China Badh.

World No Tobacco Day:

Bangladesh is one of the largest tobacco consuming countries in the world. Over 58% of men and 29% of women use some form of tobacco, whether smoked (both cigarettes and bidis) or smokeless. Tobacco is currently the first major cause of death in the country. Tobacco related illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are already major problems in Bangladesh as in most countries of this region. Most of the victims in which heart attacks that occur below the age of 40 are heavy smokers.

Tobacco burden in Bangladesh:

  • 57,000 deaths per year
  • 382,000 disabilities per year
  • 41.3 million people use tobacco
  • 42 million people forced (passive) smoker
  • Health cost more than double the revenue
  • 30% of the total deforestation attributed to tobacco

Tobacco smoking and other forms of tobacco use impose a large and growing public health burden in Bangladesh. Tobacco poses a major challenge not only to health, but also to economic development. Tobacco use imposes considerable economic costs, both on account of the health care expenses incurred to treat the diseases caused by tobacco use and from the lost productivity resulting from tobacco-related illnesses and premature death.

North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) hosted its annual event “Say No to Tobacco” at the NSU campus on August 19, 2017. It was organized to create awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking among the young generation and encourage them to stay away from this habit.

Pro-VC (Designate) of North South University (NSU), Prof. Dr. G.U. Ahsan was present as the chief guest. Dr. Ashique Selim, a renowned psychiatrist along with Shyamol Zakaria, Managing Director of Omega Point Recovery Center were the speakers at the event. The Club Coordinator and faculty members of NSU were also present during the event.

Over 300 students and faculty members attended the seminar. The entire auditorium was filled with curious students who were notified about the harmful impacts of tobacco consumption.

Annual Doa Mahfil:

On the holy month of fasting and religious devotion, ‘Annual Doa Mahfil 2017’ was organized by North South University (NSU) under the aegis of North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) was held on Monday, 12 June 2017 from 3:30 p.m at the NSU Plaza Area.

Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, Chairman, Board of Trustees, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor Atiqul Islam was there as the Special Guest for the event. Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Gias U Ahsan was also present as the Guest of Honor. Peer Jada Syed Abdus Salam attended the program as the Main Speaker and led the Doa Mahfil.

The event started with Quran recitation followed by Islamic Hamd-Nath and gazals performed by the members of the club.

Around 1700 students and faculty members also attended the mahfil to pray for the welfare and prosperity of the university as well as the entire nation.The tremendous support of the members of NSUSSC was commendable. The main objective of this mahfil is to seek forgiveness from the Almighty and blessings for the prosperity of North South University and its students.

Every year NSUSSC is given the responsibility to organize this Mahfil by the University not only because this is the only club who carry out social work to ensure peace and tranquility in the society but also of the club’s potential to organize and host an event as big as this.


‘Proshanti’ is a Bangla term which means peacefulness. As summer hit the city, our lives surely became a notch difficult. It is indeed very difficult to work under such difficult environment but still the rickshaw pullers of Bashundhara residential area fulfill their responsibility without any complain to fulfill our transport demands. The Ricshaw pullers fulfill their responsibility without any complain .Hence, to show a little share of our respect, the members of North South University Social Services Club distributed bottles of juice among the rickshaw pullers in the vicinity. Such initiatives certainly show that humanity is still alive among us, we just need to show it.. So in the year 2016, this event was introduced to show respect to the hard working ricshaw pullers of Bashundhara Residential area. The members of NSUSSC distributed 200 bottles of juice to the Ricshaw puller as a token of appreciation and respect