In most of the years, the water levels in various rivers especially the northern region of our country rises causing inundation of the river basin areas. This is assumed to happen due to heavy rainfalls as well as water flow from the upstream hills in India disrupting the normal lives of the inhabitants of the area. Floods makes people suffer much for the lack of pure drinking water, sanitation, food and shelters. For this reason, North South University Social Services Club organizes their event ‘Flood Relief Distribution’ with the aim to stand beside the sufferers in order to assist them to with disaster as cruel as flood.


This year also, the northern region of Bangladesh was affected by a sudden flood leaving profound and heartbreaking damages. The people residing there had to face immense hardship and struggle. For these helpless, ill-fated and affected people, NSUSSC organized their benevolent event and distributed relief materials at different villages of the district. A team of highly enthusiastic members of NSUSSC went there and distribute 400 bags of essential groceries, basic utilities and vital medicines.