North South University Social Services Club (NSU SSC) is publishing the 6th edition of its annual magazine ‘Hope’. Ever since its inception, North South University Social Services Club has set a impressive record of helping the society and its inhabitants in various ways. Their mission is to create harmony and make our society better for everybody.

I would like to congratulate the faculty Advisor and the body of Executive of the club for their outstanding efforts and wish them all the best for their upcoming efforts.

Professor Atiqul Islam
Vice – Chancellor
North South University

I am happy to know that NSU Social Service Club (SSC) is publishing their annual magazine “Hope”. The publication reflects their involvement in various social causes and hosting of pertinent social cause related events. NSUSSC has been working ceaselessly to promote social welfare, their commitment and dedication is praiseworthy.
I would like to commend the club for such an effort to raise public awareness by organizing one of the biggest ideas generating competition “Socio Camp”, which is also one of the flagship events of SSC. Other than Socio Camp, NSUSSC organizes several other significant events like “Blood Donation Drive”, “Winter Clothing Drive”, “Joy for Eid”, “Iftar Distribution” & “NSU Annual Picnic”. This club represents the commitment of NSU, as an institution, to promote social awareness and well-being. I would like to congratulate everybody involved with NSUSSC, for publishing the 6th edition of “Hope” magazine. I wish them all the best.

Prof. Dr. G.U. Ahsan
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Designate) & Dean, School of Health & Life Sciences
North South University

Amongst the 20 odd clubs of the university stands proudly North South University Social Services Club, which solely works for the betterment of our society. As the Faculty Advisor of this pioneering clubs, it is to my humble pleasure to announce that my club is publishing its 6th edition of our annual magazine ‘Hope’. This annual publication consists of a brief scenario of how the members have put their effort in the process of raising social awareness in the society.

North South University Social Services Club has been one of the oldest yet the most active club volunteering frequently in various social causes. As the core motive of the club is to serve the society, they have been organizing numerous events with great enthusiasm to contribute in the improvement as well as in the awareness of the society. Event like Socio Camp, Blood Donation Drive, Winter Clothing Drive, Flood Relief are some events held by the club which gets the youth of nation aware and come forward in humanitarian situations to make the society a better place to live in. Our annual magazine ‘Hope’ essentially consists of an overview of all these events and social works the club carries out annually which in turn inspires other students of the university to join in the social situations.

Having the opportunity to observe and integrally engage with the club in their work and witnessing the publication of ‘hope’ has made me feel truly proud and grateful.

Fiaz Hossain
Faculty Advisor
North South University Social Services Club

North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) is the most prominent and active club of North South University (NSU) that I have observed and found since my joining at NSU. I have witnessed many wonderful events of NSUSSC that are rich in terms of students learning experience and are significant in terms of social welfare.

Every year the club organizes several routine and random large events and social activities that have huge impact on community. For instance, Socio Camp and Annual Picnic are two of my favorite routine events that are organized by NSUSSC in every year. NSUSSC is already agile to serve and contribute any social crisis.

NSUSSC is full of energetic and hardworking young minds whose endless dedication and commitment toward club make me pleased always. Once during Ramadan, I initiated to serve Iftar items to some unprivileged people around me and it was very difficult for me to complete the individually. Then, NSU proctor’s office suggested me to make the contribution through NSUSSC’s event named “Iftar Distribution and Eid Clothing.” Through this event, the club members distribute Iftar to orphan children and new dress to street children. I followed the suggestion; and later, my wish was successfully fulfilled. Being a contributor, I was very much satisfied and pleased with the members’ relentless hard work. It is a matter of proud that these students are doing social work and serving the society besides study.

I am pleased to know that NSUSSC is publishing the 6th edition of its annual magazine named “Hope” I want to congratulate NSUSSC for another successful year of the club. I hope NSUSSC continues the good work with confidence in future.


Md. Mofassel Hossain

Faculty Advisor
North South University Social Services Club