North South University Social Services Club has organized Blood Donation Drive 2019

Due to the widespread of Dengue in recent times, the blood banks are running out of blood. In this hapless situation, North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) has organized their annual event “Blood Donation Drive” inside the premises of North South University, as an initiative to help the society through providing donated blood in this crucial time. This year, a three days long campaign has been conducted from 29th of July till 31st of July, associated with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.


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Iftar Distribution and Eid Clothing 2019

Eid is a joyous occasion for Muslims around the world especially for children as they adorn themselves in their new outfits. However, the underprivileged children of the society are clouded by a shadow of sadness. They spend their Eid still wearing their old worn out clothes. The volunteers of the organization working in humanitarian services of North South University Social Services Club have come forward to put a smile on these orphaned children’s faces. The organization has been working for deprived people for a period of 25 years now.










Yesterday the members of the organization distributed Iftar and Eid clothing among the orphans at an orphanage and madrasa in Mirpur,Dhaka. The members of the club had Iftar with the children and spent quality time with them. After the Iftar the members distributed Eid clothing among 215 boys and 80 girls. After having Iftar and receiving their Eid clothes every child had a smile on his/her face.

The President of the club, Ms. Kaifi Sultana Kabbo has said that, “Every Eid we share out happiness with these deprived children. Seeing their smiling faces upon receiving food and their Eid clothing, our last few days of hard work seems worthwhile. We hope that, if not all year, at least once a year on Eid which is a very special occasion, they can have the pleasure of wearing new clothes. In Sha Allah next year we will be able to make this arrangement on a larger scale and spread happiness among underprivileged children.”

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Annual Doa Mahfil 2019

An auspicious month of sacrifice, renunciation and abstinence from earthly pleasures; full of blessings, rewards and celebrations, Ramadan brings peace and joy to the faithful. To spread peace, pray to the Almighty for unity, welfare and forgiveness, North South University Social Services Club organized “NSU Annual Doa Mahfil”, like every year in North South University Campus.

On 26th of May, 2019 at 3.00 pm the “NSU Annual Doa Mahfil” was held at North South University. The honorable presence of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. M A Hashem, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Atikul Islam, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Professor G.U. Ahsan added grace to the occasion as they spoke about the importance and purity of this sacred month of Ramadan. For good health, spiritual tranquility and wellbeing of the students, faculty members, staffs and all the Muslims around the world, the prayer ceremony was performed, hoping for the blessings and mercy of The Most Gracious to fall upon us and for Him to lead us to the right path.

The prayer ceremony was led by dedicated Muslim scholars, Maulana Dr. Ahsanul Hadi and Maulana Dr. Md. Masud Rizvi, who enlightened everyone with their words of wisdom about the true meaning of Islam and peace. About 1500 students participated in this event. There was an arrangement for iftar for the guests and everyone present at the event. All the Muslims gathered at the plaza area of North South University to pray together for Allah’s forgiveness and the happiness of all mankind.

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Socio Camp X is coming

The biggest idea generating competition, based on social awareness, SOCIO CAMP season 10 is coming.

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Established in 1994

Established in Spring 1994, NSUSSC is the only club at NSU whose main objective is to offer assistance to the underprivileged and the unfortunate in the society. With most of the people living below the poverty line, and the country facing an endless barrage of natural calamities, there is almost no end to the societal problems, which are mostly due to the lack of education, money and the lack of facilities and support provided by the government to the poor. Inadequate funds have left cancer and AIDS patients, acid victims, orphans, drug addicts with little or no hope; the situation is simply heartrending. Natural calamities such as floods and cyclones have left many on the breadline – this is the common scenario in Bangladesh. NSUSSC believes that it is a moral duty as citizens of Bangladesh, more importantly as human beings, to help out the people in need. NSUSSC tries its best to contribute and offer a helping hand to these people in whatever way possible. NSUSSC has organized a host of events and initiated many programs to help the afflicted. Field trips to orphanages, children’s hospitals, acid victim rehabilitation centers and homes for the elderly, social awareness seminars on literacy, drugs and AIDS, vaccination and voluntary blood donation programs, charity concerts and photo exhibitions for cancer, donation and relief distribution initiatives for disaster-stricken people and fund-raising drives for patients and the needy are some of the club’s regular activities. Apart from the above programs, NSUSSC also incorporates an element of fun in its activities for the students. It is the first student activity club of NSU to single-handedly organize an annual picnic for over a thousand students and members of the different faculties of NSU. One other program arranged by the club is the Book Exchange Offer, which is just another way of trying to perform social service, but in this case, for the fellow NSUers. NSUSSC is always striving to come up with new ways to help out, contribute to society and aid the destitute with whatever is possible for subsistence. Its activities do not only make NSUSSC stand out but also makes NSU proud; NSUSSC is the pride of NSU indeed! With innovative activities to serve the community and a large family of dedicated members, NSUSSC has grown over the years to become one of the most successful, active and popular clubs at NSU!

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Winter Clothing Drive 2019

Every winter, many impoverished families in Bangladesh suffer tremendously in the cold; few of them even die due to a lack of warm clothing. Mournfully the situation got desperate this year. While the privileged people of our society welcomed winter with latest warm fashion trends, barbeque parties and pitha utshab, it brought unbearable sufferings for the lower income groups of the country.

For this reason, North South University Social Services Club organized their annual winter project ‘Winter Clothing Drive’ on 21st January at Thakurgaon district. A team of around 20 highly enthusiastic members of NSUSSC went there to distribute around 900 blankets with the ebullience to stand by these underprivileged people. The event took place at Aziznagar, Late Azizul Haque (Khoka) Memorial Association located in Kumarpur, Bhulli of Thakurgaon district. Police Super Md. Moniruzzaman and member of district council Md. Rowshanul Haque (Tushar) were also present during the event. 

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