North South Social Services club is one most eminent club in North South University. The aim of this club is to offer assistance to the less privileged people for their better living. The social warriors of this club work together with ecstasy to annihilate the social obstacles from our society with various humanitarian events.

From 2019, a new event is added named ‘Onushongo’ with the objective to do something for the senior citizens of our community who are residing in old age homes. It is so painful when someone is being rejected by one’s own family. Parents are supposed to be the first priority in everyone’s life. But many of us cannot even bother to live with our parents and so old home becomes their ultimate home. The main aim of this event is to restore their feeling of being loved and cared and add a touch of positive memories in their bitter ones. This event will not only help the old age home inmates to rejuvenate their drooping spirit and fill their old heart with joy but also help today’s youth to sensitize with the values of empathy and compassion.