North South University Social Services Club is one of the integral student-run organizations that constantly works for the deprived ones of the society in the nation. Winter Clothing Drive is one of the annual events the club organizes in order to provide warm clothing to the people who belong to rural areas and does not have the affordability to have warm clothes in this shivering season of winter. People living in North-Bengal areas such as Kishoreganj are most severely affected by winter as the temperature goes alarmingly low at these types of places.

This year, on 19th January, the club members went to Itna, Kishoreganj, a district located in the northern region of Dhaka division, to distribute blankets to the people who were lacking access to it. The happiness and the broad smile of the rural people embellished the value of the event quite more. Due to the lack of warm clothing, these rural people were suffering at the severe levels and were at the verge of being affected by several dangerous diseases due the cold weather.

During the donation, the President of NSUSSC, Kaifi Sultana Kabbo stated, “During winter, people in rural areas suffer the most and are highly susceptible to many dangerous diseases. The death rates due to cold weather in Bangladesh too are rising every year. Winter Clothing Drive-2020 was a small initiative to provide a protective shield to these people to fight against this shivering cold season.”