Socio Camp 8

Socio Camp was founded and organized by North South University Social Services Club which was previously known as ‘Youth Awareness Competition’, embarked on its journey back in 2010 with the participation of just a handful of teams with a motive of bringing a positive change in the society.

It is the biggest idea generating competition designed for youth to construct innovative ideas to eradicate social problems. This initiative was introduced this with the hope of a mammoth change in the society by raising awareness against the social issues. It has set a platform where participants from different universities can share their idiosyncratic plans to implement and take monumental strides to solve social problems that we face in our everyday life.


NSUSSC is going to organize ‘Socio Camp 8’ where students from all the universities of Bangladesh will participate. The participants will take part in this event in groups of 3 to 4 members in each team. They will have to submit social awareness ideas that can be effectively used to enlighten today’s youth about the different social issues that are mostly prompt in the South Asian countries; like the hazards of smoking, abuse of drugs, road accidents, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, poverty, nutrition, sanitation, etc.

First Round

In the first step, the participants will have to attend a workshop arranged by NSUSSC in the NSU campus which will be conducted by the Competition Coordinator of Socio Camp 8. The Competition Coordinator will explain what the teams have to do throughout the event. The basics of making an effective awareness campaign will also be discussed during the workshop. At the end, NSUSSC will give out a detailed written time-frame (with deadlines) of the whole event to the participants and also give out the social issues on which the ideas will be submitted by the groups for the next stage.

Second Round

The participants will show their ideas on their specified topic (Participants will mail their presentations in .pptx or video format). From this round, 30 teams will be selected for the next round. Only the best teams will qualify for the next stage, the Grand Finale. The teams will again give presentations on different topics. From this round, the judges will choose the top five teams for the Grand Finale.

Social Media Engagement

The selected teams which qualify to the Grand Finale of Socio Camp 8 will have to make a social- awareness raising video based on the case provided to them for the final round, within a certain time frame and submit it to NSUSSC, before the grand finale. The teams will be judged on the basis of the number of likes and shares received on their video posts from the SOCIO CAMP Facebook page. This will contain 10% marks of the total marks of the final round presentation.

Grand Finale

Finally, the Grand Finale of Socio Camp 8 will take place in the North South University Plaza area after a Gala event on the same evening. The Gala Round will welcome the winners of the previous seasons of Socio Camp as well as musical personalities of the nation to ease the competition atmosphere and encourage the participants. The Grand Finale will be highly enchanting and glamorous in terms of its outlook. Here, the finalists will present their topic of the field work and will be judged on the effectiveness of their performance. Judges will critically judge each and every presentation and will choose the best team of the competition. The plan given by the champion team will be given to our Title Sponsor who will help the winning team to execute the idea. The grand finale will be attended by ministers from several ministries of Bangladesh, renowned personalities of the country and members of the Board of Governors of North South University Foundation. The whole event will be covered by different television channels, radio stations and national newspapers.

Event Details

  • Host: North South University Social Services Club
  • Timeline: October and November 2018
  • Venue: North South University Pattern: Nation-Wide Competition
  • Audience’s Profile: Students and faculty members from all over Bangladesh, respected ministers, NGO, celebrities from different industries, judges and administrative personnel.
  • Outreach: Enlighten the students of different universities & schools around Bangladesh and abroad about the local problems and obligations and finding solutions for betterment.

Event Objectives

  • To generate implementable ideas that would eradicate social problems.
  • To enlighten the youth about the common problems that society suffers from.
  • To provide a unique platform for youngsters to display their skills and talent in front of reputed personalities and media.